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Cruise Vacations

When choosing a holiday destination it is easy to fall into the trap of choosing a destination, choosing a hotel and booking; after all, that is what we're used to isn't it? Many of us grew up going on family holidays abroad that involved all inclusive package deals, caravan holidays at a campsite or a hotel in the centre of some of Europe's most tourist-populated destinations.

Easy Yacht Ltd.'s Cruise Vacations

We at Easy Yachts Ltd. decided to hone in on a different type of holiday - cruise vacations. Cruise vacations are a step away from what you know and a step towards a different type of luxury vacation. Cruise vacations are relaxing, private and are the perfect platform for seeing a new destination.

Get to know the locals, check out some delicacies and snorkel in some of the world's most pristine reefs; Dive wrecks of ships and planes from centuries past, Hike volcanoes and rain forests and dine on the beach under the stars. Cruise vacations offer something for the whole family.

Worldwide Cruise Vacations

At East Yachts Ltd. we offer cruise vacations in worldwide destinations such as the Caribbean, Greece and Turkey. Speak to a member of our team to discuss your next luxury cruise vacation. Our itineraries are bespoke to you and our range of yachts can accommodate both large and small groups.

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