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Positano to Elba over 9 or 10 days.

The Amalfi coast is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. The cruising area can be combined with a trip to Elba to the north and also Corsica and Sardinia to the west. The best way to approach arranging this trip is to fly into Napoli. We have a great tour guide with a luxury Mercedes Vito, who will pick you up from the airport and take you to Pompeii and Herculaneum on the way to your charter yacht, which will be awaiting your arrival in Positano or Amalfi.
you can enjoy the evening strolling the historical streets of Roman times after dinner and get a nice taste for the wonderful Italian style.

day 1: morning in Positano. it’s better to visit this town in the am or the late afternoon due to the heat of the day. Positano is a maze of wonderfully decorated streets and houses climbing up the mountain side. Elaborate houses draped in Pink and purple Bourgenvillia are perched about the hillside on small peaks and crevices. Art and Italian clothing decorate the alley ways and the cathedral is a must see! Do not forget to take your camera with a wide angle lens.
After lunch, you will sail west along the Amalfi mountain range. The captain will stay 500ft away from the foot of the mountain until you arrive nearer Capri, it’s an extraordinary sight!

You will eventually arrive in Nerano, where one of the best meals we have ever had in Italy is served in a restaurant attached to the western dock. don’t order anything, just ask them to serve you a traditional Italian meal, it’s great for a party, you won’t believe it! The anchorage is stunning, and is a wonderful place to spend the night. The cliffs fall vertically into the sea and the snorkeling is good due to the clarity of the water. There are some caves to swim inside and the town has some small shops and cafes if you so desire.

Day 2: After breakfast, you will sail to Capri and cruise the island clockwise. Starting in the south east corner of the island it is a must to visit all the grottos and caves. After the Blue Grotto, Capris most famous landmark, anchor outside the main port of Capri and spend the evening wondering the streets, which are alight with Fashion stores, beautiful hotels and restaurants. There are several bars and clubs hidden away inside the winding streets to the east of the town, and also a dozen or so beach bars on the south side of the island, just over the ridge from the port.

day 3: after breakfast under the cliffs of Capri, you will sail to Sorrento and anchor outside the port or arrange dockage inside. it’s very nice inside and a short stroll up the cliff puts you in the heart of Sorrento. (our favorite town on the Italian coast). great to visit in the evening! close by, are the caves along the cliff, you can go inside and run around as they were the links between the larger caves where Roman ships were being born. these caves were made by the Romans, purely for building and hiding ships. quite impressive with access by dinghy.
ps. if you want to enter the port and stay on the dock, you must arrange it well in advance. This is something we will discuss with you well in advance so that you can be assured your yacht is welcome when you arrive. August is busy!!! We know the harbor master very well and we consider the dockage prices to be reasonable.

day 4:

In the morning leave Sorrento and sail to Ischia. We recommend choosing one of two anchorages. There is a small town on the south east corner with a castle, which now has a museum and beautiful gardens inside. You can go for a great hike around the grounds and see the amazing views. Or simply hang out on the boat staring up at the mighty castle. The town is nice too, and a good spot to pick up any required provisions. The other port to anchor is on the North West tip of the Island and is one of the best places to see the setting sun across the Tyranian Sea. It’s also a lovely place to go ashore and take in a more peaceful part of the Island. If for nothing else, go for a Gelato!

day 5:

The sail to Ponza will give you a good idea of how far the Islands are apart, although they appear very close because they are so tall, they are actually a fair way apart from one other. So prepare yourself for a day enjoying the breeze and the sun on the aft deck or fly bridge of your yacht.

As you approach the Island of Ponza you will begin to realize that you have never seen anything quite like it in your life. And to be in such a place is quite an achievement as you are far from many other Islands and the main land. Enjoy it as much as you can. Take a dinghy tour along the very unique coast line and enter the giant caves with beaches inside them. spend afternoon toing and froing between the beautiful port and the boat. It’s a great place to go for a kayak or just do general water sports and snorkeling. All of our team consider this to be one of the best spots in the central Med.



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