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An 8 day cruise Itinerary in the Grenadines.
We consider the Grenadines to be the ultimate Caribbean destination. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO and see why


 With over 100 miles of open and protected waters to navigate, over 30 stunningly beautiful Islands to visit with countless coral sand beaches and reefs to snorkel on, you could spend several months there without running out of things to do.

The chain of Islands that produce the Northern GRENADINES stem from St Vincent down to Union Island. A short sail from Union down to Carriacou puts you in GRENADA’s official territory but I will get back to that later.

A seven day cruise in the Grenadines would usually start in St Vincent as this is the Island that has an airport link to neighboring Islands with international airports such as St Lucia or Barbados.


A common pick up point is YOUNG ISLAND CUT, WATCH VIDEO HERE ! which sits in the south of the island and is a short ride away from the airport. Once aboard your yacht, we recommend sailing around the leeward side of the island to Cumberland Bay. It’s about 2/3rd of the way up the Island but allows access to some incredible walking to one of the Caribbean most beautiful waterfalls, “Trinity Falls”, which is tucked away on the side of St Vincent’s Volcano at the north end of the Island. We Highly recommend this excursion but If an hour hike through a rain forest is not your thing, the alternative is “Dark View Falls” which requires nothing more than a stroll across a 200ft bamboo bridge which spans a river that is dammed by a 100 year old functional power station about a 30 minute walk away from the fall, Also well worth a visit. Dark View Falls consists of a two tier drop, each around 150ft. If you step inside the water for a couple of minutes, you will surely be amazed how energizing it is. Afterwards, you will feel like you have baby’s skin.


Back in Cumberland bay, you will experience a truly unique atmosphere as you stroll along the beach. There are very few places in the world where time has really stood still. Commercial exploitation has never found this place and the locals are country people and farmers.

From St Vincent, the nextstep is Bequia although there are a dozen or so anchorages on the main Island of St Vincent as well as countless exceptional dive sites and Island tours; unfortunately, a week does not allow you to cover ground by boat and by foot but at least you will get a good impression.




Bequia is a horse shoe shaped Island about 12 miles to the south of St Vincent. Home to Artists, writers andresourcefullocals, who have learned to survive on the boating industry that visits this tiny Island with so much to offer.
A walk around the water front exposes the main town which is hidden behind the Palm trees along a white sand beach. Locally built double ended fishing boats stand by for launch and if you are there around Easter time, these boats convert into fully crewed race boats with the addition of a Bamboo mast and boom to race in the Annual Bequia Easter regatta, the scene is spectacular!


Princess Margret Bay and Lower bay are two beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and a short island tour will introduce you to the Islands history in Whaling and the Turtle protection program. There are also a dozen or so world class dive sites within a 5 minute boat ride from the anchorage.




From Bequia, Sail East to Mustique stopping off at Petit Nevis on the way for Lunch. This small out cropping was the home of the Bequia’s whaling factory in olden times and the scattered remains of its workings are strewn around the beaches and flat lands. The coral reef on the west side of the island is stunning and the beaches are littered with shells and broken corals. From here, an hour’s sail will deliver you to the stunning Britania BayIn Mustique.

Here you will find a very private scene as it is home to a good handful of the rich and famous and even Royalty. The beaches are pristine and the snorkel and dive sites are abundant. A short walk into the front street by the port and you will find yourselfstaring out to sea through beautiful gardens, Boutique stores and colorful boats on golden sands. Peacocks roam in a place where nothing seems disturbed. Basils bar is great in the evening but if you prefer a more upscale place to hang out or dine, the firefly is one of our favorite recommendations. Heading south ………




From Mustique, the closest island (25 miles) to the south is Canouan, where a relatively new resort offers visitors access to their golf course, spa, casino and restaurant on a day pass basis. Check out for more information about this Island. It also now has an extended runway that can handle private jets so is another great location to start or end a charter if you do not want to do the northern end of the chain or you are on a short getaway.




Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Caribbean and located at the center of the Grenadines chain and is only accessable by boat. The Tobago Cays National Park
encompasses several small Islands and Mayreau, inside a huge barrier reef that is world renowned for its diving and snorkeling. The islands themselves are swarming with bird and reptile life and the Cays themselves form a Turtle sanctuary where the Parks authorities promote and protect the hatching on various beaches. Needless to say, the area is swarming with Turtles, rays, eagle rays, a plethora of tropical fish and a stunning garden of Corals. We recommend spending 2 days here and selecting only the very best weather days to do it. You will know what we mean when you get there!


The Cays are also a great venue for a Lobster dinner on the beach. There are dozens of locals ready to arrange it for you and you will enjoy a night under the stars with your friends or family. Our best recommendation for a barefoot lobster dinner is in Mayreau.




Mayreau is a place to fall in love all over again. With its very low key atmosphere around the coast, but lively and friendly feel up in the village. Numerous bars and restaurants have been established and are beautifully decorated by the locals who are there to make sure that you enjoy their little island in Paradise. The fact that it sits on the western side of the Tobago Cays National park should say it all. A hike to the top of the island on a nice day is very rewarding!

The place to be before 3pm is Salt whistle Bay on the North West tip of the Island. It’s stunning!

The double sided beach has become extremely popular with kite boarders and the Palm trees hide a great little bar with a thatched roof top. A great place to sip on an icy cocktail and look out over the breaking waves of the Caribbean Sea, Mmmmm

An alternative anchorage is Saline bay on the south side and the “Gardens” on the windward side position you inside the reef of the Tobago Cays.




From Mayreau you can see the peaks of Union Island only 8 miles away to the south. One of our favorite anchorages in the Caribbean is located on the Leeward side of Union and goes by the name of Chatham Bay. The huge anchorage with pristine waters sits at the foot of a sheer sided mountain and creates a barrier from the oncoming winds. Needless to say, it’s a great place to take shelter on a windy day. The beach is endless and affords the explorer an opportunity to see land and sea turtles, strolling around on the sand. Diving and snorkeling on the northern point at the entrance to the bay is also world class! The windward side of Union, Clifton Harbor, is the main town of the Island and where you can replenish the galley and experience some colorful local nightlife. One of the locals built an Island “happy Island” out of all the old Conch shells in the middle of the reef surrounding the harbor. It’s a great spot to go for a sun downer and reflect upon how relaxing it is being on a yacht holiday vacation!




Just off the coast of Union sits a small resort of Palm Island. Its stunning white sands againsed the various shades of Blue and green make it a perfect spot to anchor for lunch before heading south across the border to the southern, Grenadian half of the Grenadines.

If your unlucky enough to only have 7 days, Union Island has a small airport with links back to St Vincent. SVG air, a small charter operation, will also pick you up and take you as far as St Lucia and Barbados for your connecting flights home.

The best time of the year to be in the Grenadines for a yacht vacation is late Sept and Late April due to conditions. Although the entire winter is great you are less likely to experience heavy winds and seas at the times mentioned. Easter is especially nice as the atmosphere is vibrant.

For more information about the best boats to charter or more details about the Islands, Please contact us. Our experience in the Grenadines is extensive and we will be pleased to share it with you in the planning stages of your next Yacht vacation.

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