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PRICE RANGE : $15,000 - $25,000
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  • CATAMARANS FROM $15,000 - $25,000


  • Typically All Inclusive but not always. If Non inclusive, expect to add 15-20%


  • Can carry 8 people depending on layout


  • Operates over a larger area, found in most international locations


  • COMFORT LEVEL : $15,000 Range - Catamarans in this class are comfortable. A good option when considering a family vacation or with a group of friends. Crew are more proficient and sailing performance is very good. Some carry scuba gear and large tenders


  • COMFORT LEVEL : $25,000 Range - Catamarans in this class are larger and offer a lot more space and luxury. They are more sophisticated and can carry a wide range of water sports equipment and diving gear. They usually have larger tenders for this purpose. Cabins, main salon and cockpit areas are very luxurious Performance increases with longer yachts.


  • A discretionary gratuity for the crew, typically between 10% - 15% is the only extra cost that should be considered for an all inclusive charter


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