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A sailing trip in the Aeolian Islands is a wondrous experience. Mid-summer can be hot and the wind is very light so a powerboat will always make a good option to get around quicker. The trip most suits people who want to get away and find quieter and sophisticated places where nature rules outright. If island exploration is your thing, then you will find a new and amazing place to hike at every stop.

The opportunity to get up close and personal with Volcanos and bubbling sulfur ponds with healing properties, is captivating and many of our customers have raved about the hiking opportunities and crystal clear waters.


7-day Itinerary Sicily and Aeolian Islands

After boarding your charter yacht in Milazzo or Porterosa, you will set sail for Vulcano. This island is almost Lunar like with its giant volcanic outcroppings which jut out in to the sea. Vulcano is studded with amazing lava formations, a magnificent site to see. Explore the small town or take a visit inland stopping off at the smoking hot hills and the sulfur mud pond. Many people come here for its healing properties WATCH VIDEO HERE ! Swimming about the bay of Porto Di Levante, you will come across hot spots which are formed by the volcanic gasses heating the water. There are two other anchorages on the Islands North West tip, but only to be visited if the conditions are perfect. The West side of the Island is mostly Lava flow. Vulcano is a great place to start your cruise.


Vulcano to Lipari.

A short sail to the north and you will arrive in the harbor town of Lipari. It’s a charming old ferry port with lots of hustle and bustle around the docks. The town is a great place to spend the night and take advantage of a great Sicilian restaurant. This entire region is rich in fish so the fresh daily catch is our recommendation. An evening tied stern too outside the harbor is captivating but there are several other anchorages on the Island and your captain will guide you around for a taste of them all.



Lipari to Panarea.


Leaving Lipari, you will sail past the eastern shoreline as you head for Panarea. Dark sand beaches and the residential area of the Island can be seen wrapping around the Northern shore. When you arrive in Panarea, we recommend taking a stroll along the coastal road. It’s a good idea to anchor in the southern most anchorage named “Baia Milazzese” which has crystal clear water and a beautiful beach. From here you can walk to the village along the floral coastal path. Taking in the view of the outlying Islands and the glistening Tyranian sea. If you have a crewed yacht, they will meet you with the boat just outside the port later in the day.
Panarea is home to many celebrities and the atmosphere is sophisticated and vibrant. Slightly off the coast, lies a small cluster of Islands surrounded by very shallow water and coral reefs. It’s a great place to Snorkel, swim and do some water sports. If the weather is ideal, It’s possible to stay anchored there for the night. We highly recommend spending a day in this area. 5 stars!


Panarea to Stromboli.

After breakfast, the captain will set sail toward Stromboli with its volcano that erupts approximately every 15 minutes. As you approach from the south you will begin to hear loud bangs as the crater throws large rocks and boulders from its mouth. The western coast of the Island is the main attraction and the captain will take the boat there 30 minutes before the sunsets, for you to witness the fiery eruptions in low light. Ask your chef to coordinate dinner at the same time and you will have an unforgettable meal with the performance of the Island in the back ground. Not to be missed! 5 Stars. WATCH VIDEO HERE !
After dinner the captain will take the boat around to the safe anchorage where you will spend the night.


Stromboli to Salina.

After breakfast and time to swim and take a stroll along the black sand shores, the captain will lift the anchor and head to Salina Island. After a 20-mile sail past the northern tip of Panarea and Lipari, you will arrive in the Village of Lingua, a place of raw scenic beauty with dramatic volcanic cliffs plunging into the sea, sleepy villages amidst verdant mountains, colorful fishing boats on pebbly beaches, hills covered in wild capers and vines heavy with grapes for sweet malvasia wine. Salina is a quieter Island than her neighboring sisters. More known for its green and vibrant mountain as it is the only island with a natural water source. In mid-September, the summer crowds diminish and you will get the feeling you will have the island to yourself.


Salina to Filicudi
Day 6

In the morning you will set sail for a tiny volcanic island by the name of Filicudi which measures just over 3 miles square. This island is unspoiled by tourism, and the usual summer chaos. Filicudi’s magnificent sea beds are protected as a natural marine reserve, which make it ideal for snorkeling. In the afternoon you will slowly sail around the island, visiting the numerous grottos along the coast. In the evening the boat will drop anchor near the town, home to quaint restaurants, cafes and an underwater archaeological museum. The town has a certain charm accentuated by water front cafes and restaurants that emit the smells of grilled octopus and calamari all day. It’s a great place to unwind and read a book, or go for a hike to the top of the mountain. There is a wonderful anchorage on the eastern side of the island if you want to stay away from the port, a perfect place to spend your last evening on the boat.


Filicudi to Portorosa / Milazzo

Day 7

 An early start will have you southbound to your final destination. The captain will sail the boat along the west side of Vulcano where you will see the most extraordinary lunar like landscape created by the islands Volcano. There are some stunning views where large areas have been developed for agriculture due to the fertile soil.
Sailing on to the Northern Sicilian coast you, you will arrive at one of two marinas and have easy access to the local towns. We recommend driving down to or taking the train to Taormina and Mount Etna before leaving Sicilia. Taormina is one of our favorite towns in all of the Mediterranean and it’s well worth arranging accommodation there for a night or two if your vacation time allows. The high altitude of the village offers spectacular views across the Ionian Sea and the intricate little streets are lined with fashion boutiques and classical Sicilian Cafes and restaurants where ever you go. The town is also home to some fantastic museums.


Catania airport is easily reachable from Toarmina where you can take a direct flight to many European hubs.

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