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Day 1

Antigua to Nonsuch Bay Green Island

Depart from Falmouth Harbor and cruise down the Antiguan Coast Line to Nonsuch Bay & Green Island. This oasis is a peaceful host to amazing wildlife and magnificent views. We recommend a shore excursion and lunch at converted Sugar Mill to restaurant and gallery, Harmony Hall.

Day 2

Nonsuch Bay, Green Island to Barbuda

Enjoy the passage to Barbuda one of Caribbean’s special secrets. This Island is host to some secluded resort destinations but is famous for it un touched beauty. The islands expansive salt pond host refuge to an abundance of wild life and is a true nature lover’s favorite destination.

Day 3

Barbuda to Nevis

Make way and begin a great passage to Nevis. This is a great time to try out off shore fishing, if your lucky you may even catch a Dorado or Tuna.
This laid back Island has hiking in their rain forest monkeys included and historical tours of local sugar mills. For Beach lovers or just in need of a good sundowner, sunshine beach bar is a great stop or for some extra pampering the Four Seasons Resort Offers golf and luxurious Spa facilities.

Day 4

Nevis to St. Kitts

Head to neighboring island St. Kitts. this Island offers anchorages off the Islands National Park or for a more land based enthusiast, Frigate Bay. Frigate Bay resort hosts to an 18-hole golf course. The Island has wonderful views of neighboring Nevis and Saba and is pleasurable, Historical day full of excursions.

Day 5

St. Kitt’s to St. Barth’s

This formally Swedish Island now French is an Internationally Renowned destination and lives up to that expectation. Known for its amazing restaurants, stunning beaches and unique Island culture. This island can show even the best-traveled enthusiast, a new memorable moment.

Day 6

St. Barth’s to Anguilla

This formally British colony, now an Independent country, has a different typography to its counter parts. Being not so mountainous enables Angilla to have long expansive beaches. Perfect for a long romantic stroll.
This picturest destination has a great day sail to a island oasis called Prickly Pear and is host to numerous luxurious resorts. If your party is in the mood for local music and a true island experience take an excursion to Banky Banks Dune Preserve at Rendezvous Bay

Day 7

Anguilla to St. Martin

This Dutch & French Island has a busy Island culture. Larger in population and size you can find an International Airport and shopping. If interested to explore St. Martin your crew can provide you with directions and recommendations for local beaches. If you are up for an adventure try Lottery farms which hosts zip lining and a wonderful relaxing lounge restaurant with pool in a rain forest setting.


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