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Antigua & Barbuda

If you choose to head to Antigua and Barbuda on your luxury yacht charter, you will enjoy a picturesque view as well as be a part of their rich history. Experience the warm, steady winds in the area while on your private yacht rental. Antigua has safe harbors and a beautiful coral reef that you should not miss out on.


Antigua and Barbuda are located on the eastern side of the Caribbean Islands. Antigua is roughly 108 square miles while Barbuda is only 68 square miles. Both islands have beautiful, sunny days the majority of the year. There is a near-constant northeast trade wind on and around the islands that help keep humidity levels low year-round.

While in your private yacht charter, you have many places that you can visit on and around these two gorgeous Caribbean islands. Check out Low Bay on the island of Barbuda and see 17 miles of stunning pink sand beaches. Enjoy fine dining and impressive parties at Antigua’s English Harbour or visit St. John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda which is home to about 22,000 people. You can also visit the wild bird sanctuary built on a lagoon in Barbuda. There are also abandoned forts, caves and beautiful beaches to see here.


You will not see beaches that are more pristine than the ones on Antigua and Barbuda. The best way to enjoy all the amenities of these have to offer is to charter a boat. So call East Yachts to make a reservation and take a catamaran charter to tour a beautiful landscape that has tons of fun destinations.  

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