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Arrive in Havana and travel to the City of Cienfuegos.
Your group will be met at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana and will immediately depart by land for a two and half hour panoramic drive through Cuba’s breathtaking countryside heading southeast, to the historic port city of Cienfuegos on Cuba’s southern coast. The road trip will take you through amazing natural landscapes such as the great wetlands and the Cienega de Zapata that stretch along the southern coastline.
Lunch – Upon arrival in Cienfuegos you will stop for lunch at the Paladar Villa Lagarto, a private family-owned restaurant with a dramatic view overlooking Cienfuegos Bay. Here you will meet the captain and first mate of your charter yacht: your home for the coming week. Engage in a briefing and Q&A session regarding the navigation portion of your charter while enjoying a home-style lunch of fresh native seafood.
After lunch, you will board the yacht, unpack and settle in. The first mate/ stewardess will help you get settled and acquainted with the vessel. At this point you will undergo a briefing of the vessel and safety drill conducted by the captain.
For those interested, a walking tour guided by a member of the City Historian’s Office of historic Cienfuegos is offered. The tour highlights the French Colonial and Neoclassical architecture that is unique to the area. The port city was once the center for the sugar cane, mango, tobacco and coffee production and trade. Cienfuegos was also the first town in Cuba to be developed in a neoclassical style and represents new ideas of modernity, hygiene and order in urban planning in 19th century Cuba.
In the evening you will have dinner aboard the yacht relaxing in the breeze with your friends and family and getting to know the crew.

Road Trip Cienfuegos to Trinidad
Breakfast aboard and a visit to the Taller de Grafica, the renowned grass roots printmaking studio. Depart for Trinidad by road for a one and half hour drive along the south coast through the foot of the Escambray Mountain range and some of the most glorious natural beauty on earth.
Lunch at Trinidad’s Paladar Sol Ananda, one of Cuba’s most acclaimed restaurants.
A walking tour led by the city historian’s office will include a visit to the pristinely preserved neoclassical Palacio Cantero. Founded in the early 16th century in honor of the Holy Trinity, the city was a bridgehead for the conquest of the American continent. Its 18th and 19th century buildings, such as the Palacio Brunet and the Palacio Cantero, were built prosperous sugar trade days. After a visit to the artist’s market in Trinidad you will drive back to Cienfuegos.
Dine aboard in the evening and make preparations for your sail at dawn to one of Cuba’s environmentally protected archipelagos.  Here you will encounter the extraordinary marine life of one of Cuba’s many remote, delicate and completely unique ecosystems.

Sail to Cayo Largo
Today you will sail across crystal clear Caribbean waters to Cayo Largo, the second largest island of the Archpelago de los Canarreos. You will spend the day relaxing and playing in the beautiful anchorages and bays you will visit throughout the day.  Make sure to take a Go Pro camera during a snorkel trip!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be aboard, prepared by the yacht’s chef and of course, according to your preferences.  Arrive in Cayo Largo by sunset for an evening at anchor.

Cayo Largo
After breakfast and your morning swim in the warm Caribbean waters, you will begin a hike and exploration of the island’s very unique natural environment, led by Cuba’s coral reef protection program specialists.
Lunch will be at Paladar de Playa Sirena. After lunch you have three options: a diving and/or snorkeling expedition led by local experts and dive-masters, a visit the Granja de Las Tortugas or just enjoying the afternoon by beaching, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

Cayo Rosario and surrounding islets of the archipelago

Once you have finished breakfast the crew will prepare the yacht to sail to Cayo Rosario and other surrounding islands, accompanied by a local environmentalist from the conservation and protection programs of Cayo Largo del Sur. This is a day exploring: view the giant Iguana population, lay on the beach, snorkel and enjoy a glorious day in a remote, nearly uninhabited island teaming with marine life. At day’s end you will return to Cayo Largo and spend the night moored. All meals will be prepared by the yacht’s chef onboard the yacht.


Today will be a full sailing day as you will return to Cienfuegos. This is the day to enjoy the boat, the sun and the wind. Be sure to tow some fishing lines and maybe catch something for dinner. You will arrive around sunset and spend the night aboard. Be sure to prepare your camera for the next day’s walk in Havana


Depart for Havana
After breakfast onboard, you will have time to pack before disembarking and your departure by land to Havana.

Arrive in Havana, check into your hotel in La Habana Vieja. Unpack, freshen up and go for lunch at Paladar in this district of Old Havana. Follow lunch with a walking tour of Old Havana accompanied by a staff member of the city historian’s office. Wandering the streets and soaking up the historical charm and atmosphere of the area will leave you in a state of amazement. At the end of the tour, return to your hotel and prepare for dinner at Old Havana Paladar. Here you will experience Havana’s cutting edge scene along with classic Cuban live music and entertainment.

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