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Explore the beautiful azure waters of the Turkish Riviera on your next sailing vacation.  Consider a 7-14 day trip along the Southern Mediterranean’s most beautiful and pristine coastline. Your captain and crew will take you to those heavenly places that the Sultans of Turkey first discovered the pleasure of.  Filled with secret coves, ancient history, and ruins that will astound you at every port and anchorage   We highly recommend you start your cruise in the port of Fethiye and finish in Bodrum.  Fethiye, is located approximately 1 hour from the International Dalaman airport which has three flights a day from both Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen international airports in Istanbul. Bodrum’s Mugla International airport has been recently renovated and has direct flights from all over Europe during the summer months.


In the winter the area surrounding Fethiye and Gocek has an average maximum temperature of 14 °C (57 °F). In the summer the average maximum is 38 °C (100 °F), and the weather is sunny for over 300 days of the year. Highs of 40 °C (104 °F) are reached at times during the month of August. The recommended time to cruise this area is throughout the entire summer season May- October but we favor the months of June and September as the winds are lighter during the day and its generally cooler overall.


Day 1:
Embark aboard your charter yacht in Fethiye.

Fethiye is a port town, and district, which lies in the large bay of Fethiye Adasi on Turkey’s eastern extremity of the renowned Turquoise Coast. Located at the base of the Taurus mountain range you can still view the snow-capped mountaintops in early spring and late Autumn. It is known for its natural harbor, blue waters and numerous rock tombs that are remainders from the ancient Lycian city of Telmessos. The 4th-century B.C. Tomb of Amyntas is carved into a bluff overlooking the city, which can be seen from anchor and is accessible by foot from the marina during a short tour before departing to the bay of Gocek. The largest of the tombs is the Tomb of Amyntas, an imposing tomb with Iconic columns dating from the 4th century BC.  Just west of the tombs also lie the ruins of a medieval fort.
Leaving the port, you will make your first stop only 5 miles away at the Island of Kizilada where you can have your first swim in the clear, warm waters of the bay of Gocek.  After lunch you will head to Gocek to anchor for the night. Stopping for a late afternoon swim on one of the Islets just outside Gocek harbor.

Day 2:
Gocek Bay – Boynuz Buku, Turkey

After having a wonderful lunch in the bay of Gocek, and visiting a traditional
Turkish town that has now been converted to a booming yachting community; the captain will pick up anchor for a lovely sail to the bay of Boynuz Buku.  Here the pristine calm waters are perfect for a swim, waterskiing, or a short jaunt on the paddle board.  There are springs ashore and creeks running into the bay, so the shoreline is dotted with reeds and oleanders. There are 2 restaurants along the shores of this beautiful bay if you would like to try some local mezzes.


Day 3:
Gocek Bay – Tomb Bay – Ruin Bay (Hamam Koyu, Cleopatra’s Bay)

After Breakfast and the morning activities, you will spend the day sailing and stopping at various points of interest along the way. This area is perfect for sailing on the wind and you can join in or sit back and watch the crew as they tack upwind to the next anchorage, Tomb bay, where you will stop for lunch.  Here on the steep cliffs lie more Lycian rock tombs.  These tombs were created by the inhabitants of Crya, an ancient provincial town located on the summit of the cliffs.  It’s worth taking a short hike to the tombs for the view and the ancient relics.  Also located on the shore is a fish painting supposedly created by a famous Istanbul artist, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu in 1974.  In the evening you will set anchor for the night in the stunning Ruin bay, known for its sublime beauty.


Day 4:
Ruin Bay – Ekincik,(Dalaman)

From Ruin Bay, you will set sail to one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Turkey, Dalaman Buku. Here you will stop for lunch where you can swim to the beach or visit the local sea turtle sanctuary. For the evening, the captain will take you to Ekincik’s “My Marina” nestled at the base a spectacular pine clad mountain range and park on the dock or go stern too the shoreline for the night. Ekincik is a beautiful area and home to a superb restaurant that comes highly recommended for its fresh seafood. It’s a great place to celebrate and sample the grilled local octopus or squid. From the marina, you can hike up into the hills for some stunning views. It’s also a great place to snorkel and do a spot of watersports in the calm water.


Day 5:
Ekincik – Marmaris, Turkey

In the morning we highly recommend you take a small boat from Ekincik up the Dalyan River to visit the ancient city of Caunos and the rock tombs. This is a spectacular piece of history sited on what used to be the border between Caria and Lycia. Caunos bares ruins of baths, a small amphitheater, temple, and market place, all of Roman origin. If you are adventurous you can also make the climb to the top of the hill for a marvelous view of Dalyan village, the river, and the sea. On the way back you will stop to feed the sea turtles with blue crab from the river. An amazing experience! Once you arrive back on the boat, you will set sail and enjoy a lovely cruise to the bay of Marmaris.


Day 6:
Marmaris – Bozburun.

Marmaris is a booming tourist town in a pine tree encrusted triangular bay. Known for its beauty and clam waters it homes one of the largest yachting communities in the Southern Turkish waters. The town has a variety of things to see and do, including the old castle ruins, and a large indoor and outdoor market or “Bazaar” which is great for shoppers and photographers alike.
After a morning in Marmaris you will spend the day sailing to the bay of Bozburun.
En-route, you will stop in the large bay of Bozuk Buku, which harbors a citadel at the top of a rocky headland that protects the bay from the waves from the Rhodes channel. The citadel is a must visit after a short hike the views of the Turkish coastline, the adjacent Island of Rhodes and the bay itself, are spectacular. The protected harbor is also a great place to spend the night, more time here affords visitors an opportunity to hike to the top of one of the surrounding mountains, visit local farmers and swim in pristine waters with stunning beaches.

By 4pm, the crew will be preparing to move onto Bozburun. During the trip, you will pass the Greek Island of Simi and as you enter Bozburun, you will sail under the Datca peninsula which stretches out to the west and is especially beautiful if you are there before sunset. The surroundings consist of many small islands surrounded by shallows with turquoise water and reefs. Ancient ruins are scattered about the land and can be visited easily with the dinghy.


Day 7:
Bozburun – Datca, Turkey

Bozburun is a quaint little Turkish town, a perfect example of what everyday life is like in Turkey. The harbor is sheltered from all sides and is a wonderful place to spend the night in complete tranquility. There are several shops and markets in the village and its worth a stroll in the morning before you set sail to Datca, your next destination. On the way to Datca, you will stop in one of several anchorages for lunch and watersports. The trip to Datca takes you along the northern shores of Simi in the beautiful Bay of Bozburun where you will find yourself surrounded by mountains and deep blue shimmering water. It’s a sight to behold! The town of Datca is a far from anywhere and the settlers have created a lovely atmosphere for visitors. There is a board walk with tavern’s and gift shops. It’s a great place to dine on the beach and check out local artists who sell their work on the streets. Very quaint!


Day 8:
Datca – Ancient Knidos – Barbaros Bay.

From Datca you will set sail early to spend mid-morning and lunch at the ancient ruins of Knidos. This was one of the Dorian Hexapolis, the six cities of the Dorian Confederacy. The city was very prosperous, and known for its statue of Aphrodite and the scientist Eudoxos. Although the city is now in ruins it is easy to identify where it had lay. The two theatres, the temples, the agora, the city walls, and gates can all still be identified. After you have explored the ruins you will sail towards Bodrum and arrive in Barbaros Bay for the night.


Day 9:
Barbaros Bay – Bodrum – Bitez, Turkey

Barbaros bay shelters one of the most beautiful and spectacular 5 star resorts in Southern Turkey, The Kempinsky Hotel. We highly recommend you make use of their amazing spa facilities and Turkish Hamam, which will make the end of a perfect trip to Turkey as it will complete the un-winding effects of this itinerary.

Once everyone is back on board you will sail to Bodrum for an evening cruise through all the boats anchored outside the 650 years old St Peters castle, nestled into the coastline in the heart of Bodrum. It’s a truly amazing site which contains a museum of artifacts that have been discovered and retrieved from the surrounding land and sea. We highly recommend taking the time to stroll through the castle and visit the main harbor where all of the giant wooden Turkish yachts spend their days tied stern too.
Take advantage of the chance to visit this lively town in the evening for a true taste of the Turkish lifestyle. Bodrum is great for shopping, restaurants and its club scene. It’s easy to get carried away here!

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