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The Greek islands are coming alive for 2016

Anchored on the south side of Mykonos aboard M/S Turkish Delight. We are starting t see the arrival of many large and small yachts. All getting ready for the start of the European summer holidays. We have seen Helicopters bringing guests to large mega yachts, Smaller motor yachts running around the bays and a good helping of sailing yachts. The vibe is on and the beaches are getting louder and louder as each day passes. Ornos bay, where we are anchored for the week, is lined with a handful of very cool clubs, bars and resto's. All full of cool party hungry tourists getting ready for a big night out in one of Mykonos's famous clubs like Paradise beach. If your looking for a last minute getaway, we have a list of yachts that are standing by waiting to take you for a cruise. Perhaps you are interested in taking a slow sail down to Santorini visiting Paros and Ios on the way ? Perhaps you want to sit around the beaches in Mykonos and observe the atmosphere form the privacy of your own boat. What ever you want, Call us and see what we can offer you or email

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