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1. A Destination that you have dreamed about

Choosing the destination and when to visit should be carefully considered. Why would you choose to sail in the Caribbean during the Hurricane season for E.g.? Knowing the right season to be in a certain location is key.

We take lots of things into consideration such as, over crowdedness and ease of access for getting to and from your boat. All of which is a very important part of your well-deserved yacht vacation as getting there is as much a part of the trip as being there which can play a huge role in providing the perfect conditions that meet your expectations.

2. A yacht that suits your budget.

“Much like buying a car” is how I would best describe this subject. Obviously the more you spend, the better it can be. But don’t be led into believing that smaller boats aren’t a very important stepping stone in your development as a yachtsman. Only by knowing what it is like aboard a humble boat will you really truly appreciate what larger boats have to offer in the compromise between luxury and performance. Be clear about what you want to spend and only consider increasing it if it is within your capacity. Just because you don’t have the most expensive yacht, doesn’t mean you won’t have an absolutely wonderful vacation. In fact, if its sailing you want to do, bigger isn’t always better either!!!

3. A yacht that can accommodate your entire group.

Remember that you don’t want to be stuck under people’s feet for 7 days. Be sure the boat sleeps each member of your party, in a cabin, not a sofa. This doesn’t work on boats!

Remember that you will have baggage so too small a boat will work agenized you. If you are unsure, ask us.

Remember that the larger the boat, the more systems it will have and therefore will become more complicated to operate. Also the more difficult it is to sail and you will need experienced hands to assist you. If you’re not up for that or simply want to enjoy sailing when the desire takes you, we suggest you take a crewed yacht. Or maybe a captain only boat.

4. A yacht with a crew that has a great reputation and that specializes in your interests.

The crew rapidly rises to the top of the priority list once you know where you want to go and when.

An experienced yacht charterer knows this, and will be very clear about it.

It is very easy to select a boat that you like, but if the crew is not suited to you or your group’s personality, it will be like living in a hotel on the water. If you find the right crew however, your vacation will be the most memorable vacation you have taken. I have heard this said on many occasion.

We will help you with this. We visit many yachts each year and get to know the crews personally so that we can advise our customers. Are you interested in a Kite Boarding boat?

5. A yacht that complies with local and international maritime regulations for commercial use.

It is very important that the yachts are actually legally allowed to carry passengers and that they are listed as commercial yachts. Only then do they get inspected for safety and seaworthiness.

We will only provide you with yachts that are fully certified to operate with paying passengers and we even build it into the contract.

6. A Yacht Charter Brokerage.

A charter yacht broker will find you the right boat and guide you to your destination. There are many of us, but we will promise to do our best to ensure you will have a safe, enjoyable and well rested vacation aboard your chartered yacht, if you select East Yachts Ltd to arrange it.

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