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Caribbean Sailing Holiday

The popularity of Caribbean sailing holidays has increased in recent years due to the availability and ease of booking such a vacation. Individuals and families are quickly realizing that a Caribbean sailing holiday offers everything they could want from a vacation, and much much more.

Caribbean sailing holidays can be relaxing or adventurous, for a short break or a much longer trip and they can accommodate numbers ranging from small families to large corporate groups. Our expertise at East Yachts ensures a Caribbean yachting holiday you will enjoy forever in your memory bank.

The Benefits of a Caribbean Sailing Holiday

• Caribbean sailing holidays provide a way for you to tailor your holiday to meet your exact requirements. You choose your own destination,ports of call, type of luxury yacht, itinerary, even the length of stay; everything about a yacht vacation can be designed to your specifications. • It is a great opportunity to embark on ocean-based activities, perhaps even ones you have not previously experienced such assnorkeling, sailing and scuba diving. • On a Caribbean sailing holiday you have the ability to stop off in a number of different locations, meaning you do not need to pick a destination and leave the other for the next year. • The Caribbean offers picturesque scenery, endless sun and turquoise waters that go on forever. • Though luxury yacht holidays are boat-based, you still have the opportunity to go ashore and dine in some of the region’s top restaurants and shop in some of the best areas. • Fancy stopping off somewhere nice along the way that hasn’t been included in your itinerary? That’s fine, most captains won’t have a problem with accommodating your desires when and where you like.

East Yachts Caribbean Sailing Holidays

At East Yachts we approach holiday arrangements in a different way; rather than selling a packaged, pre-arranged Caribbean sailing holiday to person after person, we listen to your requirements and desires and combine this with our expert knowledge to create a tailor made holiday itinerary.

We are genuinely passionate about sailing vacations and believe that some of the best Caribbean vacations are those spent on the ocean. Sailing holidays are ideal for a range of travellers; from small groups such as families and couples up to large groups including corporate. The range of activities is endless be it relaxing and sunbathing or more exciting adventures. We take pleasure in creating a Caribbean sailing holiday that meets your needs.

For more information or help and advice on planning and booking your Caribbean sailing holiday, contact us today at +1 561 529 1681 or on this website via email. A member of the East Yachts team is on hand to help.

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