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Luxury Yacht Cruises

Picture this; you're relaxing in the sun, can hear the sea lapping against a prestigious yacht in the background and the people you are with are laughing and joking around - sounds great doesn't it? You can have all of that with luxury yacht cruises.

What Comes With a Luxury Yacht Cruise?

A luxury cruise vacation can include anything you want it to; if you prefer to visit one location and spend a lot of them sailing on your holiday - great! If you would rather choose a cruise and stay option or a more adventurous tour holiday, we can accommodate that also.

At East Yachts Ltd. we like to provide the entire holiday package, so when you choose a yachting holiday with us we will provide an itinerary and a captain; all you need to do is turn up and enjoy your cruise vacation.

Luxury Yacht Cruises You Can Trust

We take pride in providing excellent customer services to everyone we work with and therefore when you are booking your cruise vacation, we are more than happy to help with any questions or requests you have.

Our knowledge and experience of the destinations we operate in allows us to ensure we are showing you the highlights and giving you a real local insight into what it has to offer.

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